Birthday (S.O.L. 19)

This weekend was my littles brother birthday.We had a little party for him but now it was time for the cake and this year we were gonna smash his face into the cake.So after we told him to blow the cake we told him to bite hit.But he knew what was going on already so both of my uncles tried to get him but he figured out and was holding himself up on the counter.So it was a really big fail but next year when he turns 13 we are definitely going to smash his whole face in the whole cake.

Little tire (S.O.L19)

This weekend while we were driving my uncles tire got cut really bad.So we went into a tire shop for 15 minutes they said he would have to buy a new tire because his it damaged really bad.So then they put his spare tire on for free.The funny part is that one tire was smaller then all of the tires on his car.So now his car look like he driving on a little doughnut on the back of his car it look hilarious.

Book blog

My opinion of my book ALWG wa sometime it could be boring but sometimes it was very attention grabbing and you just couldn’t stop reading until you finished this chapter and then another one.My book club conversations where going good my group had their notes and always found really good sign post or “WG” to share and always have a page with the information they have found.

Dog wakes me up(S.O.L 19)

This weekend when I was asleep my grandmas dog was out of her cage.No one knows who let her out of the cage but some how she got when everyone in the house was asleep.So usually when she gets out of her cage she wanders around the house or finds a room in to go to sleep.But on this day she decided she wanted to wake me up.So of course she went jumped on the bed and licked me face and I woke up and almost threw her off.


This weekend I stood home all day but the best part of my weekend was playing with my brother and uncle and all my friends for hours each day and it was really fun just talking and making lots of jokes.The best part of it all was just enjoying my day 3 day weekend and just chilling and having lots of fun.another fun thing was also going to the movies with my mom and my brother to watch the most funniest movie on earth.

Fortnite win (s.o.l19)

Sunday night I was playing fornite I was playing with a random person.We were having a good time we got to the last final people it was an intense game.They were really good but were not expecting our sneaky plans.The team didn’t see us so I pulled out a sniper and killed one person.Pull out my heavy pump and knocked the other person.It was a 1v2 my friend found the other guy and got into a build but it was short and my friend killed him and that is how i got one of my favorite win.